Monday, September 1, 2014

Time goes by

Hi for those who might read this.  I can't even imagine that time has passed so quickly.

I'm still making cards, lots of them.  My scrap booking has concluded for now.  I have a full shelf of scrap books and just not enough room for anymore.

I'm on FB a lot now and I have a small Christian forum that I like hanging out in.  But then I remember this blog and popped in.  I might just come back and start it up again.  But time is so valuable anymore and I find myself out of time.  With making cards, tending to my yard and roses, and just the regular things in life I still might find a few minutes to post.

I am a lot older and my energy level is a lot slower, so let me give this some thought and I'll see if I can swing it posting here again.  :)

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