Monday, October 4, 2010


Today I've been putting the updates on my Gypsy and getting it ready to use with my new Cricut Imagine when the time comes. It is so exciting.

I also finished a tag project for my son. He needed 70 some small tags and then two special larger tags for two flower arrangements. I used Tim Holtz ink pads and they turned out so cool. Most of the small tags were cut and printed on the Imagine. The rest were cut out with my Expression, with a little golf cart I glued onto the tag. The whole project went so fast except the gluing. LOL

I didn't keep any of the extras so I don't have a picture of them. He is going to get a picture of the finished floral arrangements and I'll try and post one of those.

I really would like a couple more carts, I have very few and usually make them work but with projects I can see that there are some carts that would give me more choices. Carts are always good for a gift list when it comes to birthdays, etc.

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